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  1. Radial JR5
    €299.00 €251.26
    Radial JR5 Remote footswitch: The JR5 remote is equipped with two XLR outputs, one on the left and the other on the right to accommodate various pedalboard setups. Any standard mic cable can be used to connect the remote to the JX44. The system comes Learn More
    €429.00 €360.50
    The Little Devil Colored Boost and Germanium Drive pedals, as with most Chandler products, were designed to ll a need and a sound I had in my own head. I had become increasingly unhappy with my old amps needing more exibility and the pedals I had could not do the job Learn More
  3. Keith MCMillen 12 Step
    €299.00 €251.26
    With 12 Step, keyboardists, guitar players, bassists, instrumentalists and vocalists can accompany themselves with their feet, playing bass lines, notes and chords. 12 Step opens up a new dimension of performance by giving your feet unprecedented expressive control using polyphonic aftertouch and pitch bend. Upon the heels of the success of SoftStep, KMI’s versatile USB Foot Controller, 12 Step is another leap forward for performing musicians. Learn More
  4. Nord Triple Pedal
    €219.00 €184.03
    The Nord Triple Pedal offers an unprecedented functionality, with the addition of a dynamic control of the mechanical noise during operation, and the ability for you as a player to use half-pedalling and "release and catch" techniques.The right pedal is the sustain pedal. When the sustain pedal is operated on an acoustic grand or upright piano, many different sounds are produced by the mechanical components, several of the sounds can be reproduced by the Nord Piano. Learn More
  5. Chandler Limited Germanium Drive
    €429.00 €360.50

    GBP - Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal
    The Germanium Drive is really a germanium pedal like none you've used before. It has all the tone and color you would expect from germanium but none of the mud and none of the fat - only an intense colored germanium tone. 

    Learn More
  6. Neo Instruments Ventilator 2
    €469.00 €394.12

    der Ventilator II ist ein Effekt-Gerät, das den Sound des berühmten Leslie Model 122 Rotary-Speaker bis ins Detail emuliert.

    Learn More
  7. BAE Audio Hot Fuzz
    €379.00 €318.49
    The Hot Fuzz pedal is essentially two pedals in one. The left side is a high frequency boost and the right side is an English 1970's style fuzz box Learn More
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