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  1. Anthony DeMaria Labs ADL 1500
    €2,849.00 €2,394.12
    The ADL 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter is a brilliant 2 channel, all tube design, providing phenomenal dynamic range with a clear, punchy, warm sound! Its 'invisible' compression has made the ADL 1500 a ver Learn More
  2. Great River MAQ-2NV
    €5,249.00 €4,410.92
    The MAQ-2NV is a stereo mastering equalizer based on the much-respected EQ-2NV. This two-rack-space digitally controlled analog parametric EQ offers similar topology to vintage 1081/1083 models, but with welcome improvements. Newly designed Class-A d Learn More
  3. Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor
    €9,379.00 €7,881.51
    The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has extraordinary functionality, and also provides mastering grade compression and limiting for tracking and mixing. Essentially it is two compressors in series, per channel, that can act in stereo, or dual mono. Learn More
  4. FMR Audio PBC-6 A
    €419.00 €352.10
    The “PBC” is FMR Audio’s no-holds-barred dynamics device complete with balanced I/O, a gnarly drive circuit, and a detector hi-pass. Whether you’re trying to accent the hair and chest of a lead vocal, bring subtle fuzz and sustain into an otherwise b Learn More
  5. Vertigo Sound VSC-2
    €4,749.00 €3,990.76
    The first product from Vertigo Sound is the VSC-2, a.k.a. Quad Discrete Compressor. It is so named because it uses 4 VCA’s built by hand using only discrete components. It’s design is a nod toward the best VCA based compressors of the 70s and 80s. Th Learn More
  6. DAV Electronics S.I.P.P.
    €699.00 €587.39
    The SIPP allows the engineer to use outboard processors in ‘parallel’ by allowing any desired mix of wet and dry paths using a continuously variable blend control. The source is fed to a single input and then split into two: The dry path represents Learn More
  7. Manley SLAM! Mastering Edition
    €10,259.00 €8,621.01

    SLAM! stands for 'Stereo Limiter And Micpre' and it pretty much describes what it will do to most VU meters. Differences to the standard Editon and Features: No microphone preamps! (only for Mastering!)

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  8. Daking FET III Stereo Compressor
    €1,999.00 €1,679.83
    The Daking FET III is new dual channel limiter from Geoff Daking, built in the US with the same audio path and detector circuits as our highly successful single channel Daking FET II limiter. The FET III compressor circuitry and gain stages are all discrete and fully Class "A" with sound quality that will be at the very top of the scale. Learn More
  9. Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB
    €3,799.00 €3,192.44

    The Phoenix is a stereo compressor, which can be used as a pair of mono compressors. It has a ‘soft knee’ or ‘variable mu’ characteristic in that the compression ratio increases with the amount of compression being used. Initial compression is 1.2:1 increasing to 5:1 at 15dB compression.

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  10. Tube-Tech CL 2A Two-Channel Optical Compressor
    €4,111.00 €3,454.62
    The TUBE-TECH CL 2A Two-Channel Optical Compressor is an all tube based compressor / limiter targeted at two-channel studio recordings.The TUBE-TECH CL 2A Dual Compressor features two independent optical compressors. Learn More
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