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  1. Bricasti M7 (B-Ware)
    €4,699.00 €3,948.74
    The Bricasti Model 7 reverb Processor provides the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor dedicated to the task of reverberation. Learn More
  2. Empirical Labs UBK Fatso
    €3,249.00 €2,730.25
    Der Empirical Labs UBK FATSO ist ein durch die Firma Kush Audio für moderne Musikstile wie Hip Hop oder Elektro modifizierter FATSO. Learn More
  3. Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15
    €3,399.00 €2,856.30

    The Culture Vulture Super 15 is the most comprehensive Vulture to date. It incorporates all the features found on the 11th Anniversary edition such as the 7 extra distortion functions, but also now features a 2 position Presence switch.

    Learn More
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