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  1. Zaor Maestro 24
    €2,399.00 €2,015.97
    24 rack units - all the essential tools within easy reach and on the minimal footprint allow for a perfect workflow. Learn More
  2. Zaor Stand Monitor
    €379.00 €318.49
    Most constructions have a fixed height which might just not suit your particular situation: As every hifi and pro audio enthusiast knows, you need to constitute a perfect triangle between your head and the two loudspeakers and that can be tricky - what with furniture and other gear filling up the space. This is why ZAOR, who are dedicated to finding unique solutions, has come up with a nice range of ADJUSTABLE SPEKAER STANDS. Learn More
  3. Zaor Miza 88 Flex
    €779.00 €654.62
    MIZA 61 and 88 are perfect companions for the working producer in todays modern, hybrid environment. They provide perfectly suitable solutions to put your full masterkeyboard (88) or a smaller keyboard (61) on the practical drawer, that slides underneath the work surface when not in use. Of course you can put your computer keyboard and a controller or small mixer instead. THe important thing is that you have two levels from which to work, making sure that only the tools you are using at that moment are out in the open. Learn More
  4. Zaor Miza 88 XL Flex
    €1,049.00 €881.51
    Die neue MIZA 88 XL ist das neue Flaggschiff unserer MIZA Reihe. Sie ist eine Art Metamorphose aus der MIZA Station und der MIZA 88. Der Tisch hat eine Gesamtbreite von 156cm und eine Schubladenbreite von 143 cm. Learn More
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