• Network mastering converter 4 x analog IN / 8x analog Out. 2 inputs can be used as pre-amp
  • Complete monitor controller A/B + 2x high end headphone connection
  • Zero latency mixer for RAVENNA network - extension for Horus/Hapi
  • Intuitive usability by touch control


Anubis is a ground-breaking new audio interface incorporating the Swiss expertise of Merging Technologies in analogue and digital, networked audio and DSP technology. More significantly, it offers unique features to any engineer or musician looking for a compact AD/DA unit with the quality you would expect from Merging, and a fully featured monitor controller that integrates with any DAW.


From the initial recording through to the final master, there are specific “missions” that require precision and control. If your mission of the day is to create a great mix, you need to be in complete control of your monitoring: reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, sources, surround mix, downmix, etc. Anubis gives you that “Mission Control” in a single, compact device that has unrivalled capabilities defined by the software application. But this is only one mission, MERGING+ANUBIS allows the user to choose the Mission Controller app that fits the task.


Anubis not only offers exceptional in-the-box features, it also allows for expanding its capabilities to any other RAVENNA/AES67 devices on the network. From stereo to 22.2 monitoring, from a four-piece rock band to a full symphony orchestra, Anubis puts you in control of any situation. Whether you are one meter from your equipment or kilometers away, take control directly from its superb touch screen, tablet or computer through the Anubis built-in web server.


This ultra-mobile and stylish unibody case offers astonishing A/D performance with a dynamic range of 139dB with equally impressive mic pres. Our pristine D/A technology ensures that you hear what your project deserves. Anubis come in two variants: Anubis Pro gives you exceptional performance up to 192kHz. If your mission is working in true high-resolution, Anubis Premium offers up to 384kHz and DXD plus DSD flavors up to 256. What else would you expect from Merging!


Thomas Römann
Technische Leitung
040 47 11 348 20

Use Cases:

Merging Anubis: The Ultimate Audio Interface? Mix Engineer Lance Powell Explains

Grammy-nominated mix engineer Lance Powell (Nick Cave, Mary J. Blige, Rita Ora, Akon, and Wu-Tang Clan) explains to Headliner USA’s Will Hawkins how the Merging Technologies Anubis sits at the heart of all his studio work.



Music inspires passion as we all know, but sometimes you encounter enthusiasm so infectious that you cannot fail to be sucked into another world. And what a world we have here! As Stefan Eichinger explains, over the years the business has grown to encompass composition, recording, mixing, mastering and Neuronavigation and will soon include Dolby Atmos output.