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  1. MOTU Midi Express 128
    €285.00 €239.50
    Built from the same technology found in MOTU's flagship MIDI Timepiece, the MIDI Express 128 is a professional MIDI interface that provides plug-and-play connectivity to any USB-equipped Macintosh or Windows computer. The Express 128 provides 8 MIDI Learn More
  2. MOTU Fast Lane USB
    €92.00 €77.31
    The professional MIDI interface for your home studio: FastLane is a simple 2 input, 2 output, 32-MIDI channel interface for Macintosh and Windows. It installs in seconds and opens your computer to a world of music software. FastLane's unique advantag Learn More
  3. Weiss AFI1
    €2,199.00 €1,847.90
    Der AFI1 ist ein 24-kanaliges FireWire Interface mit 8-kanalig bidirektionalem AES/EBU und 16-kanalig bidirektionalem ADAT Interface. Mit dem AFI1 sind folgende zeitgleiche Wandlungen möglich: FireWire zu AES/EBU (8 Kanäle)AES/EBU zu FireWire (8 Kanäle)FireWire zu ADAT (16 Kanäle)ADAT zu FireWire (16 Kanäle) Learn More
  4. Alyseum AL-88
    €489.00 €410.92

    The Alyseum  AL-88 is an embedded networked computer Box. It uses the Ethernet network to transport MIDI flows between any CopperLan compliant hardware and/or software applications in computers (Peer to peer functionality).

    Learn More
  5. Vermona Modular qMI – Quad MIDI Interface
    €299.00 €251.26
    Vermona´s second Eurorack module is a very flexible yet affordable MIDI/CV interface which can be up to four voice polyphonic. You can use it as four independent interfaces or in a mixed mode with simultaneous monophonic and polyphonic modes. Learn More
  6. Doepfer Dark Link
    €129.00 €108.40
    Dark Link is a Midi/USB-to-CV/Gate interface to control vintage monophonic synthesizers via Midi or USB. Dark Link is nothing but the USB/Midi interface of the Dark Energy. Learn More
  7. Manikin Schrittmacher MIDI Step Sequencer
    €1,390.00 €1,168.07
    The Schrittmacher has 32 parameter lines which can be freely configured and linked with each other. Each line has 16 steps which can be edited using the 16 rotary encoders with integrated pushbuttons. Additional 28 pushbuttons allow the user easy processing of the sequences. The 240x128 pixel backlit display ensures that the user always has an overview over the current status of the sequences. By direct access to a number of parameters ideas can quickly and intuitively be translated into action at the studio as well as on stage. The possible connection of a master keyboard for controlling purposes (transposing, use of controllers) allows additional processing of the sequences and grooves. Learn More
  8. Motu Micro Express USB
    €327.00 €274.79
    Built with MOTU’s award-winning MIDI interface technology, the micro express is a compact, bus-powered MIDI interface and time code synchronizer that provides expandable, plug-and-play connectivity to any USB-equipped Mac or Windows computer Learn More
  9. Motu Midi Express XT USB
    €429.00 €360.50
    Built with MOTU’s award-winning MIDI interface technology, the MIDI Express XT is a professional MIDI interface and SMPTE synchronizer that provides plug-and-play connectivity to any USB-equipped Mac or Windows computer. Learn More
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