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  1. Shadow Hills Industries Equinox
    €7,590.00 €6,378.15
    The Shadow Hills Equinox is a complete recording console. First, the control room section features a twenty-four-position discrete monitor volume control and a three-position speaker selector. The four position input selector chooses from: DAW 1+2, C Learn More
  2. Focusrite ISA One Analog
    €739.00 €621.01
    The ‘ISA One’ microphone pre-amplifier delivers Focusrite's prestigious ISA transformer-based pre-amp in a rugged and portable chassis, at a groundbreaking price. ISA One features the classic vintage microphone pre-amplifier topology from the origin..... Learn More
  3. Wunder Audio PEQ2 Single Module
    €2,949.00 €2,478.15
    PEQ2 Single Module 1 NEW output stage added to the tail end, just before output transformer, for greater maximum gain. 2 Upgraded 'NICO' transformers (Nickle/Iron/Colbalt). 3 Improved Gain switches with over 3 x the gold contact area per switch posi Learn More
  4. Empirical Labs EL-9 MikeE
    €2,099.00 €1,763.87
    Mic Preamp Section – This is a super low noise transformer input amplifier section, with the gain digitally controlled. This section comes standard with a shielded Lundahl transformer, but provides for a Jensen transformer also. The signal to noise f Learn More
  5. Daking Mic Pre One
    €969.00 €814.29
    The Mic-Pre One is a single channel mic preamp that we originally designed with the home recordist who only needs one input in mind. Because of it's high performance and robust mechanical design, it has also become first choice of many professionals when doing small remotes. Learn More
  6. LaChapell Audio 992EG
    €4,229.00 €3,553.78
    The 992EG The Model 992EG (Extended Gain) differs from the ‘TLS’ in input topology only. By utilizing the Jensen JT-115k input transformer and two ECC803/12AX7 vacuum tubes per channel, this configuration is able to provides >74dB of gain (usually Learn More
  7. Manley SLAM! Mastering Edition
    €11,949.00 €10,041.18

    SLAM! stands for 'Stereo Limiter And Micpre' and it pretty much describes what it will do to most VU meters. Differences to the standard Editon and Features: No microphone preamps! (only for Mastering!)

    Learn More
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