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  1. Sound Devices USBPre 2
    €1,149.00 €965.55
    Sound Devices’ USBPre® 2 is a high-resolution, portable hardware interface for Mac- and Windows-based digital audio. The USBPre 2 is the industry's highest performance and most flexible portable interface, connecting professional microphones, line-level sources, consumer audio electronics, and S/PDIF digital sources with Mac OS and Windows computers via USB. Learn More
  2. Triton Audio FetHead
    €63.00 €52.94
    Enter FetHead, our newest innovation in phantom powered preamp design. While testing FetHead we noticed an overall increase of sound quality and a change of tonal character of the attached dynamic microphone towards a more open, controlled sound. Learn More
  3. LaChapell Audio 992EG
    €4,229.00 €3,553.78
    The 992EG The Model 992EG (Extended Gain) differs from the ‘TLS’ in input topology only. By utilizing the Jensen JT-115k input transformer and two ECC803/12AX7 vacuum tubes per channel, this configuration is able to provides >74dB of gain (usually Learn More
  4. Manley SLAM! Mastering Edition
    €11,949.00 €10,041.18

    SLAM! stands for 'Stereo Limiter And Micpre' and it pretty much describes what it will do to most VU meters. Differences to the standard Editon and Features: No microphone preamps! (only for Mastering!)

    Learn More
  5. Weiss ADC2 A/D Wandler
    €9,400.00 €7,899.16
    Der ADC2 is das Nachfolgemodell des bekannten Weiss Zweikanal ADC1-MK2 A/D Converters.
    Der ADC2 verwendet “state of the art” A/D chips in der bewährten “correlation technique” zur Reduktion von Wandlerfehlern. Learn More
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