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  1. Black Lion Audio Sparrow ADC mk2 - RED B-Ware
    €1,159.00 €973.95

    completely redesigned 2-channel analog-to-digital converter in modular design that can be upgraded as technology changes.

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  2. Kessler Low Profile Ball Head (B-Ware)
    €145.00 €121.85

    The Kessler Low Profile Ball Head is an easy to use, ultra-low profile ball head system with a heavy duty weight capacity. The strong locking ball has 62 degrees of total adjustability. Learn More

  3. Electrodyne 2511 EQ (B-Ware)
    €2,599.00 €2,184.03

    Two of them in one 19" case:

    Electrodyne 511 two-band inductor EQ:
    The Electrodyne 511 is a classic two-band discrete transistor reciprocal active inductor equalizer using 1969 / 1970 design technology.

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  4. Beyerdynamic Headzone ConsumerBasisstation H 1 (B-Ware)
    €999.00 €839.50
    Headzone® Home provides a stunning virtual surround sound listening environment by using headphones. With Headzone® Home, the entire acoustic setup of a 5.1 surround speaker system is accurately reproduced. Learn More
  5. DPA ADH0002 (B-Ware)
    €18.00 €15.13
    Specially designed and easy to use double-sided tape pads for the DPA Miniature Concealers. Store tape away from excessive heat and light. Learn More
  6. Quested STV-2 Tall Speaker Stand (B-Ware)
    €659.00 €553.78
    The Quested STV-2 Tall Speaker Stand - Rigid and to support the Quested S8R, V2108, Vh2108 & V3110 monitors in vertical format.The Quested STV-2 do not move or allow vibrations. Learn More
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