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  1. Black Lion Audio Sparrow ADC mk2 - RED B-Ware
    €1,159.00 €973.95

    completely redesigned 2-channel analog-to-digital converter in modular design that can be upgraded as technology changes.

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  2. Beyerdynamic Headzone ConsumerBasisstation H 1 (B-Ware)
    €999.00 €839.50
    Headzone® Home provides a stunning virtual surround sound listening environment by using headphones. With Headzone® Home, the entire acoustic setup of a 5.1 surround speaker system is accurately reproduced. Learn More
  3. Microtech Gefell EA 92
    €349.00 €293.28
    Spinne für UM 900, UMT 800, UM92.1S, M92.1S. Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt. Learn More
  4. Sound Ideas Boom Library Cinematic Metal Bundle (B-Ware)
    €169.00 €142.02

    Cinematic Metal Sound Effects Bundle lets you design your own unique metal sounds as well as use some great already designed huge metal impacts.

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  5. Sennheiser EK 2000 (B-Ware)
    €949.00 €797.48
    It is nice when you can concentrate fully on the picture because you know the sound is reliable. This camera receiver allows you to do just that. Equipped with adaptive diversity, the camera receiver ensures reliable reception. Five frequency ranges with up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth also provide optimum flexibility for components of the 2000 series. The transmitter settings can be synchronized quickly from EK 2000 using infrared technology. Learn More
  6. Sennheiser ew 500-945-G G3 (B-Ware)
    €899.00 €755.46
    Great technology throughout the microphone system make this system the ideal singing partner. The feedback-resistant, super-cardioid microphone capsule reproduces vocals prominently and with a smooth response. The powerful hand-held transmitter shows all important information on its large graphic display. Its optional rechargeable batteries can be recharged just by placing the handheld in the optional charging station. Learn More
  7. Sennheiser MD 46 (B-Ware)
    €199.00 €167.23
    Sennheiser MD46
    The MD 46 is a high-quality reporter’s microphone with cardioid pick-up pattern. It has been specially optimised for rough use in live reporting and broadcasting environments. The MD 46 is a very ‘good-natured’ microphone whose design avoids wind and handling noise problems. Colour: black, sound inlet basket: refined steel, black. Learn More
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