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  1. ALVA Loopback for RME ADI‐6432 (D-Loop-T)
    €49.00 €41.18
    The "loopback" adapter routes AES / EBU input channels to the appropriate AES / EBU output channels of the ADI-6432nd Thus the respective channels of a MADI ID not from the ADI-6432 can be tapped, but transferred via MADI. Learn More
  2. ALVA AES/EBU Pinout Format Konverter FCTY (AES25T-25Y05)
    €39.00 €32.77
    Using the "FCTY-AES" may be associated with 25-pin connectors and D-Sub-AES/EBU-Connections © TASCAM pinout format with AES / EBU cables in 25-pin D-Sub © YAMAHA pinout format. Learn More
  3. Alva Unirack 19" II
    €52.00 €43.70
    19 "1U Rackmount with for all non-19" devices. The longitudinal slots are ideal for strain relief of cables and power supplies for mounting with cable ties. Learn More
  4. Fostex EP-CT1
    €1,529.00 €1,284.87
    The Fostex EP-CT1 Instant Start Controller provides 20 instant start and location points for the Fostex UR-2 digital memory recorder. The combination provides the user with the ability to access audio files at the touch of a button, making it well suited for broadcast applications. Connection to the UR-2 is achieved via D-sub (25-pin) parallel port Learn More
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