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  1. Drawmer DMS-2 D-CLOCK
    €995.00 €836.13
    The D-Clock is a dual input/twenty output word clock distributor with a 16 character blue LCD display providing a reference measurement of the incoming sample rate. Both AES/EBU and BNC word clock inputs feature a zero latency loopthrough output with Learn More
  2. Rosendahl Nanosyncs HD
    €1,690.00 €1,420.17
    With the introduction of high definition video standards synchronisation of digital audio and video signals is becoming an even more exacting and complex task than it has been already. The new Nanosyncs HD Multi Standard Sync Engine is an intricate e Learn More
  3. Mutec MC-3.2
    €1,099.00 €923.53
    MC-3.2 SMART CLOCK HD is an universal digital audio and SD/HD video sync master clock generator. The MC-3.2 SMART CLOCK HD provides different high-stable clock signals for simultaneous synchronization of digital audio and SD/HD video devices. The un Learn More
  4. Rosendahl MIF 4
    €595.00 €500.00
    1996 hat Rosendahl das erste MIF midi timecode interface gebaut, in der Zwischenzeit hat sich die kleine Box zu einem Standard für PostPro, Show-Control und Multimedia Anwendungen gemausert. Learn More
  5. RME WCM Word Clock Modul
    €119.00 €100.00

    Das Word Clock Modul (WCM) stellt einen galvanisch getrennten Wordclock-Eingang und zwei Wordclock-Ausgänge (jeweils BNC-Anschlüsse) zur Verfügung. Die beiden Ausgänge besitzen eigene Treiberbausteine und sind extrem jitterarm. Learn More
  6. Endless Analog CLASP
    €7,599.00 €6,385.71
    CLASP ® allows for a seamless analog recording experience where all recording and overdubs are done in real time, and all audio is stored in your Pro Tools session. Record one or several albums using a single reel of tape. Learn More
  7. Antelope Trinity
    €3,499.00 €2,940.34

    In the fickle world of Audio & Video formats, the new Trinity will be the Master Clock that stands out from the crowd for years to come, with the kind of features that other manufacturers can only aspire to. With dedicated functions and controls, Th

    Learn More
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