Eventide Instant Flanger Mk II


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Product information "Eventide Instant Flanger Mk II"
  •     Depth controls the intensity of the effect. 100% adds the delayed signal to the dry signal. -100 % subtracts the dry signal from the delayed signal
  •     Three distinct flavors of flanging. Set the Mode switch for Shallow, Deep or Wide
  •     Manual control allows you to control the ‘comb’ effect by turning the Big Knob
  •     Oscillator drives the flanging at a user defined rate
  •     Envelope Follower drives the flanging based on the signal’s amplitude
  •     Remote maps the flanging control to a mod wheel for tactile manipulation
  •     Bounce mimics the distinctive effect of the tape machine’s capstan motor “hunting” for its proper speed when the engineer's thumb was lifted from the tape reel flange
  •     “Side Chain” allows for triggering the Envelope Follower from any source in the mix for inter-track mingling
  •     Exercise total control of the Oscillator with Sync and Retrig
  •     Tame the intensity by removing low frequencies from the flanged signal with the Low Cut control
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