Hear Technologies Hearbuds and Headset

Hear Technologies Hearbuds and Headset

Product information "Hear Technologies Hearbuds and Headset"

Hearbuds and Headset Features:

  • Better sound quality at lower volumes
  • Can be used on stage and in the studio
  • Great for hear back, MP3 players, cell-phones, and other personal audio
  • Hearbuds alone fit most in-ear headsets
  • Works great in noisy environments because they block unwanted sounds
  • Comfortable, safe, and secure
  • Designed by audiologists
  • Washable

An affordable in-ear monitor headset that delivers professional performance at a great value. By creating acoustic chambers at the ear, hearbuds not only dramatically improves the sound of standard in-ear headphones and ear-pieces, their molded, 100% silicon, design also significantly reduces unwanted background noises levels – enabling you to enjoy the same sound clarity at lower volumes. And, because they’re audiologically designed, they’re comfortable to wear and won’t fall out of your ears either!

Packaging:  Hearbuds, Case back, Hearbud Headset Monitor

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