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  1. Gyraf Audio Gyratec G10
    €4,149.00 €3,486.55
    Der G10 ist ein Vollröhren-Stereo-Kompressor, basierend auf dem klassischen Variable-Mu Prinzip. Die Methode, die Lautstärke durch die Veränderung des Stroms in Differenz-Röhrenpaaren zu kontrollieren, ist viel schneller als das elektro-optische Pri Learn More
  2. Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV G14
    €4,149.00 €3,486.55
    Der G14 ist ein passiver Vollröhren-Stereo-Equalizer mit 5 Bändern. Er bietet in diesen Bändern je 11 wählbare Frequenzen, regelbaren „Q“ und natürlich Verstärkung bzw. Absenkung. Learn More
  3. Lexicon PCM92
    €2,999.00 €2,520.17
    With 4 decades of experience, Lexicon is regarded as the gold standard in digital audio processing. Building on the legendary design of the venerable PCM81 and PCM91, and the breakthrough technology of the PCM96, the PCM92 represents the most advanced reverb and effects processor in its class. Learn More
  4. A-Designs P-1
    €989.00 €831.09
    A Designs Audio is proud to introduce a new line of microphone pre-amplifiers for the 500 Series. These Pre-amplifiers are original designs stemming from our inspiration of the “Quad Eight Sound”. Each has its own unique character. Depending on which microphone you use, you will be able to open a world of color and sound to inspire you and your recordings. Learn More
  5. Amtec PEQ-10 - Pultec-Type Tube EQ
    €2,399.00 €2,015.97
    The PEQ-10 is an update to Amtec's impressive PEQ-1A Pultec-style equalizer. New in the PEQ-10 are a 10kHz shelf and modified peak frequencies on the HF boost section, stepped controls, upgraded components, and an improved chassis. Learn More
  6. DAV Electronics BG No.1
    €649.00 €545.38
    DAV Electronics BG No.1
    This Microphone Amplifier is ideal for location or studio recording. Because of it's compact size it is easily transportable for location recording and is very discrete in the studio or control room. Learn More
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