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  1. Crane CV1 Black
    €49.00 €41.18
    Universeller Notebook Ständer
    kompaktes Packmaß (35 x 32 x 2,8cm)
    Schnellspannverschlüsse zum Schnellen auf und Abbau
    inkl. Tasche und Subtray zur Ablage von Soundkarten
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  2. Telefunken M81 Universal Dynamic
    €319.00 €268.07

    The TELEFUNKEN M81's tailored frequency response makes the microphone exceptional on electric guitars, percussion, rack and floor toms, and brass instruments.

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  3. Ultimate Support MS-90/36B
    €279.00 €234.45

    The new MS MKII Series studio reference monitor stands from Ultimate Support offer unparalleled innovation and strength for professional, project, and home studios alike. The MS-80 is a desktop monitor stand that features non-slip, high-density acoustic foam and an angle-adjustable base that allows the end user to fine tune the sweet spot. The MS-90 is a column monitor stand that offers internal cable management channels and 6000 Series aluminum construction while the MS-100 is essentially a combination of the two!

    MS-90/36B Product Breakdown:
    Sonic Isolation and Decoupling
    Three Internal Channels for Cable and Weight Management
    Ultimate Support Design
    Available in Two Heights

    Sonic Isolation and Decoupling
    From top to bottom, all three MS MKII Series stands feature sonic isolation and decoupling components. The MS-90 delivers four non-marring sound decoupling pads that stabilize monitors of varying sizes. The MS-100 and MS-90 feature two rubber couplers between the column and the top/bottom plates and spike decoupling designs under the top and bottom base plates. Add the MS-90 to your studio and discover what you've been missing in your mix!

    Three Internal Channels for Cable and Weight Management
    The MS-100 and MS-90 offer three internal channels that run the length of the column. So your studio remains clear of untidy cables, two channels are designed for audio and power respectively. For additional stability, the larger third channel can be filled with shot or sand.

    Ultimate Support Design
    The new MS MKII Series studio monitor stands are made from the highest quality materials, such as Series 6000 aluminum, and backed by award-winning design that marries both form and fashion. The modern studio owner will love the contemporary look while the veteran engineer will appreciate the solid build and tweak-ability.

    Available in Two Heights
    Depending on the needs of your studio, the MS-90 is available in two studio standard heights: 45" and 36". Both are identical in construction and features except for height. Choose the height that's best for your studio design Learn More
  4. Ultimate Support MS-80B
    €145.00 €121.85
    The new MS MKII Series studio reference monitor stands from Ultimate Support offer unparalleled innovation and strength for professional, project, and home studios alike. Learn More
  5. Royer Labs SF-2 (Matched Pair)
    €5,049.00 €4,242.86
    The SF-2 ribbon microphone is a phantom powered version of our original SF-1 ribbon microphone. Designed primarily for classical applications and acoustic instruments, the SF-2 combines high-quality audio performance with our exclusive active electronics for ribbon microphones. The SF-2's output of -38 dB puts its sensitivity on par with that of phantom powered condenser microphones, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of mic pre's regardless of gain characteristics. The unique electronics and custom designed FET's used in the SF-2 deliver ultra-quiet operation, with self-noise of lower than 18 dB. Learn More
  6. Omni8 Audio TF08
    €1,199.00 €1,007.56

    Created to facilitate a wide range of applications the TF08 delivers smooth sound, with deep bass response and an un-hyped, sibilance free, top end. Due to the un-colored and neutral nature of the sonics built into the TF08, it is especially suitable for applications where sibilance-free sound is a priority, notably vocals and voice over applications. 

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  7. Fredenstein Bento 6S
    €349.00 €293.28

    The Fredenstein Bento 6S is a high performance module carrier for Fredenstein Series 600 modules or API-500 compatible plug-in cards. 

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